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New version Beta 6.0
Hello everyone:

In this new version we have tried to balance the game by attacking two main problems:
1. Helplessness when a much more powerful enemy decides to target you.
2. That war is more desirable due to the value of sovereignty.

For the first point solutions have been sought in the combat system. New bases have been created and made more powerful in order to serve more as castles difficult to attack frontally. More adjustments will probably be necessary, but with the new objects there will be a significant change.

For the second point, all systems have returned to have sovereignty (at least all the central ones), their value will be higher and it will be much simpler conquer enclaves from the beginning. In addition, the prestige for sovereignty will be much easier to achieve than by other means such as missions, exploration, etc ...

General changes
* Reduced the initial colonial administration and the maximum number of fleets. It will be necessary to investigate improvement technologies sooner.
* Nerve computing centers. Cost of resources doubled, money generated reduced by half. The objective is to give much more importance to the colonies and missions as money generators.
* Narrowed production between different levels of abundance. Mining production will increase 50% per level instead of 100%

* Eliminated the prestige gained by happiness.
* Reduced the prestige obtained by daily, weekly and monthly achievements.
* Now is the prestige gained by sovereignty is much more important. The systems near the center will all have a sovereignty value.

Rare resources
* Stranet no longer sells rare resources, only NPCs that own a colony with that rare resource will do so
* When exploring a 100% plan, there is the possibility of finding a rare resource (Beurita, Gravitonium, etc ...)

New titan
* Added new type of chassis Titan size XXL. The ancient titan is renamed Leviathan.
* Added type of Atlantis shipyard to build XXL ships
* Leviathan shipyard can build the new titan

* Orbital defense networks become the fortifications for space stations. Normal fortifications become exclusive to planetariums.
* The fortifications no longer give anti-assault fire or grant space for troops.
* The requirement of gravitonium for orbital defense networks is eliminated.

* New shields for bases called Force Fields with capabilities far superior to those of ships are added.
* Added new unique shield called Tribound Field

* They have a very high troop capacity

Tractor beam
* The bases can now install a new type of module called a tractor beam that makes it difficult for ships to flee combat when fighting with it.

New bases
* Added 5 levels of bases for almost all types: Exocities, Hydra, Dome, Delta, Octogon ...
* The basic octogon base is available almost at the beginning, and can be produced for early protection.
* New Citadel Base. Single object affordable with influence.
* Almost all shan bases received an increase in structure points.

New planetary and space cannons
* Added 4 new levels to convert the bases into even more dangerous objectives.

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