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New server cassiopeia Beta 5.0
Hi all:

For the new server, some game concepts related to the colonies have been modified. The general idea was to achieve the following:
  1. Give logic to the enclaves, which could be destroyed or managed.
  2. Force to expand your empire beyond a system. The most logical strategy was before concentrating all your forces in a single hyper-protected system where industry and colonies were housed. The new system rewards expanding, but its cost is to spread your strength. You can now expand your colonies in principle to infinity, not being limited only to the space available within your bases.
General changes:
  • It is now possible to build bases on an asteroid field position. It does not have any relevance for the base itself, since it is not possible to mine from it, but it allows to build from it a colony in said asteroid field.
  • The finances now show the last 24 hours, instead of showing the data from 00:00 of the day. This is more useful to see the progression of the economy.
  • The concept of surveillance for the troops disappears and is replaced by "mass control". This has two effects: the first is that the troops no longer affect the possibilities of conducting an espionage mission in a base. Second, that the troops affect the amount of population that can be controlled in a colony.
  • Consumer goods are now constructed in lots of 1000 units (reducing their cost 1000 times) to adapt it to the new consumption of the colonies that have much larger populations.
  • Stranet no longer sells the rare resources from its central market, it will do so through the normal market system, so availability will depend on its bases and a stock. Rare resources will also be produced by enclaves and can be used or sold by those who control them.
  • The option to loot a base disappears. Now there will be a new fleet order to attack a colony that will allow it to be sacked or destroyed. If you want to loot a base, you have to conquer it.
  • The special objects of the enclaves and the resources of the enclaves are no longer related to the system and its sovereignty, but to the domain of the enclave itself. The faction that dominates the enclave obtains resources and objects regularly.
  • A new "settlers" object has been added that can be used to add them to your colony. This object can be acquired in the Stranet market in exchange for influence or by missions or exploration.
  • Leaders can now also be governors, having skills adapted to the colony.
  • New steps have been added to the tutorial that explains the new use of the colonies.
  • Computing centers have been modified to be more simplified. Now they all occupy 2000 capacity.
For more details of the colonies, consult the section of the wiki:

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