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New version Beta 3.0
List of changes in the gameplay

  • From now on the games will be played within a global scenario. This scenario will be a story behind the game that will produce a series of global events that will affect the players and in which they can participate. At some moments of the game, players can perform some kind of mission with which they can cause the game to move in one direction or another, creating a story with different branches and possible endings. The scenario for the next game of Cassiopeia will be called "The ambition of New State Order".
  • The new factions begin the game within the Protectorate and will remain in it as long as they do not leave it voluntarily and while they have Commander Premium activated.
  • Now it is impossible to declare war on anyone within the protectorate. Unlike the previous version in which declaring war meant a loss of prestige. The protectorate completely shields the faction.
  • It is not possible to enter the protectorate if there are corsair fleets. You can not create corsair fleets within the protectorate. The protectorate also protects the enemy corsair fleets.
  • It is possible to belong to a consortium while you are a member of the protectorate, but the units will not participate in joint consortium defenses.
  • It is not possible to create megaprojects while you are a member of the protectorate.
  • It is not possible to enter the protectorate while there are active wars.

Unconditional surrender
  • Instead of being a surrender to a faction, unconditional surrender is generalized to all factions, so peace is made with all the factions that are at war.
  • 40% of the prestige in influence is lost, that is, having 100,000 of prestige, 40,000 points of influence would be lost, but not prestige. The lost influence is transferred to the enemy factions.
  • It is not possible to surrender if a declaration of war has been made during the last week of the game.
Prestige and influence
  • Negative prestige is eliminated, prestige can no longer be lost. All losses caused by breakage of agreements or events will only reduce the influence.
  • The negative influence now has consequences with Stranet. You can not make shipments using your ships or purchases in your market.
Game start
  • The factions begin in the protectorate, as indicated above.
  • It is possible to skip the tutorial if it has not yet started. The option will appear on the welcome screen after creating the faction.
  • The factions that start the game later will receive a money bonus and a multiplier at the research speed.
  • It is possible to "invite" friends to the game so that they appear near us. From the faction's account screen you can create an invitation indicating the friend's email and the position where you want it to appear. Possible positions are planets on which we have a base.
Enclaves and sovereignty
  • The enclaves cease to be places in another galaxy only accessible through the quantum gate and have been moved to the normal galaxy.
  • The enclave itself is now a celestial body, like a planet or an asteroid field, but the benefits of controlling it are obtained through sovereignty. Obtaining the sovereignty of an enclave system grants more prestige points than normal and access to its rare object or resource.
  • The enclaves at the beginning will be dominated by NPC factions and their bases must be conquered or destroyed to gain the sovereignty of the enclave system.
  • The enclaves can be invaded and controlled by individual factions, it is no longer necessary for them to belong to a consortium.

[Imagen: enclaves.png]

  • The sovereignty obtained by a member of a consortium is shared with all members of the consortium. All members of the consortium receive a part of the prestige points and have access to the resources of an enclave. Each prestige point gained by sovereignty also increases the prestige of the consortium.
  • All the members of a consortium collaborate in the defense of their allies, even if they are not at war. If A and B are consortium allies and C declares war and attacks A, B will participate in the defenses of the bases even if he is not at war with C. This will only happen if B is not a member of the protectorate.
  • Two new roles have been created for the consortium: administrator and commander. The administrator replaces the former leader of the consortium, so now there may be several leaders / administrators. The role of commander allows to see all the fleets, bases and map of all the members of the consortium.
  • The option to "share intelligence information with the consortium" that was on the faction's diploma screen has been removed. From now on, all the information will be shared with the consortium automatically. Only information relating to factions foreign to the consortium will be shared, information from consortium members is only received by the commanders.
Stellar map
  • The map now shows all of our known universe, not just the areas within the range of our units.
  • Unvisited systems now appear in gray.
  • The star map now shows not only sovereignty, but the presence of known bases and fleets of other neutral, allied and hostile factions. There is also a filter panel that allows you to modify what you see on the map.
New fighter system
  • The fighters are no longer used through the fighter hangar as if it were a weapon. Now the hangars of fighters are properly hangars of fighters that serve to transport them.
  • The fighters can be designed as a normal ship. However, they will have their own chassis and modules.
  • Once a fighter model is created it is possible to manufacture it inside a space shipyard, like any other model.
  • Fighters manufactured in a shipyard can be deployed in the manufacturing base or in a nearby fleet.If the shipyard has no place to deploy the fighter, the shipyard will be stopped and the work will have to be released manually, as is the case with barracks and assembly plants.
  • Fighters will will be in the bases and fleets as if they were troops and will be administered from their screens.
  • A new order to transfer fighters has been created so that fleets can load and unload them automatically.
  • A new screen has been created to directly transfer fighters, allowing them to be moved between bases and fleets in the same sub-sector.
  • The fighters participate in the combat as one more ship, which carries out attacks, suffers damage and can be destroyed.
  • In general, the fighters will be ships cheaper and easier to manufacture, but less powerful than the capital ships. They will have armor and shields, but their best defense will be their maneuverability.
  • Not being own ships that can constitute a fleet, the attributes of movement and detection do not exist in a fighter. The propellers only serve to give maneuverability to the ship.
  • The attribute of fighter defense weapons disappears and is renamed "anti-assault fire" (see combat)
Combat system
  • The ships now have a new attribute called "primary target". That goal is the preferred enemy size that the ship will seek in combat. This will allow to specialize ships according to what they are more apt to destroy. 
  • A ship can only be targeted by two different enemies, but this limit can be exceeded if one ship is attacked by two and attacks a third. The latter can return fire.
  • The new attribute of "Anti-Raging Fire" replaces the anticaza defense. Many weapons will have an anti-assault fire value that is the ability to shoot down troop assault ships. Each point of anti-gas fire can cause approximately 10 casualties. Rapid firearms are especially effective for this. When a fleet tries to invade a base and launches an assault, its troops will suffer the anti-assault fire from the enemy base, from the enemy bases that are defensive orbitals and the defensive fleets.
  • A complete modification of the scanning system has been made. From now on the type of exploration will be (cautious, normal or risky), the more risky the greater the expiration bonus and the time needed to explore the planet.
  • The environment now modifies the scan. The most hostile planets are slower to explore.
  • Instead of the number of scans, the star will now show the percentage of the star explored, so that you can know what is the remaining percentage to explore.
  • The player will choose the duration of the mission in hours and will be able to see what is the approximate percentage of the planet that his exploration team will realize given the environment and type of exploration.
  • The treasures will continue as before. Some planets have hidden treasures that will be found at some point during the exploration.
Other changes and improvements
  • Added load and fighter transfer screens, similar to the transfer of troops. Fleets will no longer be necessary to move troops and cargo between bases or fleets of the same subsector, but the operation can not be carried out if the subsector is blocked by an enemy fleet.
  • The object category of the backhoes is eliminated. The old retropropulsores are now propulsive with the characteristic of auxiliary propulsion superior to the normal thing.
  • Added banking system screen in which our money capabilities are displayed and it is possible to convert our money into bonds in exchange for a percentage of loss.
  • Modules may now have their installation restricted in certain containers, so that some objects such as fusion reactors will only allow their XL version to be installed in bases and normal in ships. Others, such as the NOVA shipyards, can only be installed on space stations.
  • New megaprojects that will be available throughout the game: terraforming of planets, deep exploration (increase of resources), cultural improvement (increase of the prestige of the system) ... and possibly sphere of Dyson and Star of Death.
  • Update the core of the base. Now it is possible to replace the core of a base if the new core is equal or superior in capabilities and is suitable for the environment of the planet.
  • Reject missions now reduce the level of missions that appear to the faction. This will serve as a mechanism to balance missions that have become too complicated.

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