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Base designs - vrivon - 09-17-2018

The function of creating base models has been added by reusing the old base simulation screen.

Now the industry screen has a new section called designs, inside there is a submenu to ships, bases and troops.

It is possible to create a base simulation (design) and save it. The system is similar to how a ship is designed, it is not allowed to save the design if the energy, space and personnel requirements are not met.

From the assembly plant screen we will also be shown the basic designs, in such a way that it is possible to know which modules we have to manufacture and how many we already have in the warehouse.

At the moment the functions of the design of bases are those of "conserving the data" and being able to consult the modules from the assembly plant. It is not foreseen that complete bases can be constructed from a design for the time being. Although other functions that players consider useful will be heard.